To retire to the coast is to cut loose. Try to replicate that sense of simplicity, freedom and nature within these walls. Keep it simple, look around you. Walk, collect, edit and enjoy.

I can stand the same place every day and see a new view; sea birds, dramatic skies and the golden sands continually sculpted by the tide.



If you’re looking to complement the character and charm of a traditional, rural property then look no further.

To achieve a rustic feel and reflect the surrounding environment, mix natural timber, granite and blue-slate greys. Incorporate salvaged, up-cycled or reclaimed pieces and materials to complete the overall scheme.


  • Mornington Shaker Slate
  • Broadoak Dakar
  • Broadoak Rye
All door options


Strata quartz rain storm
Strata timber distressed


Black satin cup
Black satin T-bar
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