The edge of town. Our country location gives us the opportunity to create something wholesome – a way of staying connected to the place we grew up. Never being too busy to appreciate what’s at our back door.

You can read our home by the treasures brought home from our adventures. Conkers, pine cones, curly sticks and fascinating stones all gathered by small hands. But then you’re never too old for kicking crispy leaves!



The key to this style is to add splash of colour, so that no single colour dominates the whole scheme. A granite worksurface is one of the stand-out details. This, mixed with a well-placed section of wooden worktop, creates well defined work areas.

Choose traditional details like classic chrome doorknobs when accesorising the furniture. Adding small touches of sophistication will create a simple, fresh and timeless style that will look great in any British home.


  • Mornington Shaker Porcelain
  • Milbourne Trench Coat Grey
  • Mornington Shaker Cornflower
All door options


Strata Select Timber
Strata Granite, Azul Aran


Cornflower blue timber knob
Hand forged steel knob
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